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The Beach Party Blogathon: Orca (1977)

A tale of vengeance and seaside misadventure, Orca (1977, dir. Michael Anderson) isn’t exactly a party at the beach, but it is definitely a very unique viewing experience.¬†Orca¬†tells the story of Captain Nolan (Richard Harris), who captures wild marine animals to sell them to aquariums, to pay off the mortgage for his boat and eventual […]

Blackfish (2013): “They’re not your whales.”

Once you see this film, you will never want to visit a marine park or zoo ever again. You will be motivated to stick up for defenseless creatures who can’t speak for themselves. Blackfish (2013) tells the story of Tilikum, the killer whale who is currently performing at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida. Tilikum has been […]