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Search & Rescue #11

It’s been a while between drinks in my Search & Rescue series, so here I present to you a number of search terms I’ve been collecting from my statistics over the past couple of months, which seem to beg answers to some very interesting questions. For those who are new to Film Grimoire, I make […]

Search & Rescue #10

It’s been quite some time since I’ve assisted the erudite seekers of knowledge who find their way to my blog. Search & Rescue is a series of posts where I address the strangely specific search terms that appear on my stats page, and help people out with answers to their questions. Here is a selection […]

Search & Rescue #9

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted a Search & Rescue post, where I respond to some strangely specific search queries in order to help the good people of the internet in their quest for knowledge. This time around I got a lot of queries about sex scenes in Game of Thrones, and a […]

Search & Rescue #8

I’ve been collecting more search terms recently that seem to beg for answers, so here is another in my Search & Rescue series, where I assist seekers of erudite knowledge on their quest for awareness and self-enlightenment. the building hakeem and semi lived in on coming to america I actually visited Akeem and Semi’s house […]

Search & Rescue #7: Gif Edition

For some reason, when collecting search terms for my Search & Rescue series in which I hope to assist seekers of knowledge who come across my blog, there have been a number of requests for gifs lately. Well, I’m here to help! For this lucky number of Search & Rescue posts, I thought I might […]

Search & Rescue #6

It’s time for another Search & Rescue! I’ve been finding lately that a lot of my search terms have been arriving in the form of a full question, and I’m loving that, because it means I can help people much better. Because if that’s not the function of a film blog, then I don’t know […]

Search & Rescue #5

It’s been a while since my last Search & Rescue post, and given the strange questions that have been posed to me via the search terms that have found this blog, it’s well overdue for another! For those who don’t know, Search & Rescue is where I provide answers and guidance to the search terms […]

Search & Rescue #4

It’s that time again – time to answer some of the strangely specific questions that are posed to me through the search terms that enable people to stumble across this blog. This edition is strangely Game of Thrones heavy, with an additional healthy dose of existentialism.

Search & Rescue #3

I had a nice review of The Rocket (2013) planned to post last night, but the whole thing was somehow totally deleted from my drafts, and has been lost forever! A minor setback, but nevermind, we shall pick up and start anew. In the meantime, here are some strangely specific search terms that I will respond to […]

Search & Rescue #2

I’ve been receiving some more strangely specific search terms recently, so I thought it was time for another edition of Search & Rescue! In this feature I respond to the questions and ideas posed to me via the search terms that find my blog. Hopefully I will be able to provide some assistance to the […]