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Two Short Films: Coda (2014); Umshini Wam (2011).

I seem to be finding so many amazing short films lately. Here are two that I watched recently, which are very different stories – one, an Irish animated short about life confronting death, and the other, a gangster story about two badass South Africans, directed by Harmony Korine.

Two Short Films: Aftermath (2014); All Your Favourite Shows (2015).

Lately I haven’t found the time to write too much about full-length films. But in order to get back on track with writing, I have been watching some pretty great short films! Here are two short reviews on two short films.

Three Short Films: Restaurant Dogs (1995); Castello Cavalcanti (2013); Idem Paris (2013).

This edition of my short reviews on short films features works by acclaimed filmmakers Eli Roth, Wes Anderson and David Lynch. Watching long-form films by these auteurs is a great way to get to know their style, but it’s also interesting to see how these iconic creatives condense their aesthetic, preferred themes and directorial style […]

Genre Grandeur: La Cravate (1957)

Originally posted on MovieRob:
For this month’s final entry for Genre Grandeur February – Latin Directed movies, here’s a review of La Cravate (1957) by Anna of Film Grimoire who chose this month’s genre for us all. If you missed any of them, here’s a recap: This month we had 16 review for GG: La Bamba…

Two Short Films: This Is It (2014); Odile et Michel (2014).

Recently I had the chance to watch two short films that both played on their use of language in different ways, and thought I might group them together for a post. There’s nothing better than a short film that is entirely surprising in the way it handles its communication of story and ideas, and these […]

Two Short Films: Dust (2013); Elefante (2012).

In today’s two short film reviews, I will be discussing Alan Rickman and an elephant-human hybrid. Both of these short films can be found on Youtube, and are well worth watching if you enjoy plot twists and excellent practical effects. Onwards!

Two Short Films: Amnesiac (2012); Storytime (1968).

Recently I have been enjoying watching lots of surreal short films – films where the craziness is so intense for such a short period of time that it leaves you pondering the meaning of life itself. Here are two shorts that I watched recently which have completely blown my mind.

Two Short Films: Midnight Parasites (1972); The Fall of the House of Usher (1928).

Today I watched two short films, both of which were surreal and amazing, but very different from one another.

Three Short Films: Circles (2014); Roma (2014); Skin (2014).

I’m back on my short film game y’all! Here are three shorts I watched recently via Dazed Digital. I’ve really been loving the short films section on Dazed because there’s always something interesting and new to watch and learn about. Today I watched one short film about a boy with a lot of thoughts, another […]

Three Short Films: Nothing To Something (2012); Foureyes (2014); The Return (1980).

Here are three quick paragraph reviews of three short films I have watched recently. Interestingly, I discovered all of these short films via WordPress. Foureyes (2014) and The Return (1980) were found via posts in my reader (thank you Cinema Axis and Biblioklept!), and Nothing To Something (2012) was sent to me via my contact page. Today […]