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Two Short Films: Ticky Tacky (2014); The Bumblebees (2014).

It’s been a while since I’ve watched some short films, but today/tonight I have two short films of particular interest. First, we have Ticky Tacky (2014), starring Oscar Isaacs as a crazy and powerful maniac, and second, The Bumblebees (2014), a stylistic girl gang tale. Both films are available to watch online, so I’ve linked […]

Three Short Films: Restaurant Dogs (1995); Castello Cavalcanti (2013); Idem Paris (2013).

This edition of my short reviews on short films features works by acclaimed filmmakers Eli Roth, Wes Anderson and David Lynch. Watching long-form films by these auteurs is a great way to get to know their style, but it’s also interesting to see how these iconic creatives condense their aesthetic, preferred themes and directorial style […]

Two Short Films: Midnight Parasites (1972); The Fall of the House of Usher (1928).

Today I watched two short films, both of which were surreal and amazing, but very different from one another.