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September 2015 Favourites

What a month. September was a pretty interesting time for me, mainly a happy time as I have some really exciting things to look forward to next month that I can’t wait to announce! Also, I finally saw Birdman (2014). Meanwhile, here are some fun posts I collected during the month of September and wanted […]

Resolutions 2015: The Artist (2011)

Originally posted on Silver Screen Serenade:
TGIF, sweet readers! I tell you what, MLK Day off or no, it’s been a long one. I hope you guys have had a less crazy week than I have! One constant that I have been all too happy to devote some attention to these last few weeks is…

Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon: The Pleasure Garden (1925)

An awesome blogathon focusing on the genius of Alfred Hitchcock is happening over at The Sporadic Chronicles of a Beginner Blogger and Movierob! Pretty much every film that Hitchcock ever had a hand in creating is being reviewed, in honour of what would have been his 115th birthday on August 13th. You can read all […]

Four Silent Shorts: Manhatta (1921); Przygoda Czlowieka Poczciwego (1937); Symphonie Diagonale (1924); Le Ballet Mécanique (1924).

Four silent short films, with short paragraph reviews to accompany them.

Man With A Movie Camera (1929): Quick-shot review!

In Dziga Vertov’s experimental silent film Man With A Movie Camera (1929), we follow a cameraman as he films everyday scenes in Soviet life – busy streets, beaches, haircuts, birth, marriage, divorce, a funeral, working with machinery. We also see ‘behind the scenes’ as the film itself is being edited. The film shows both 24 […]

Four Silent Shorts: Dots (1940), Emak-Bakia (1926), Ghosts Before Breakfast (1928), Anémic Cinéma (1926)

More silent shorts, four in fact, with paragraph reviews and a rating for each. It’s the return of this guy!

Two Silent Shorts: The Seashell and the Clergyman (1928), Un Chien Andalou (1929).

My obsession with short silent film continues! Here are two shorts that I watched recently, reviewed in paragraph form. Spoiler alert: these are both amazing films.

Four Silent Shorts: Regen (1929), H2O (1929), A Bronx Morning (1931), Autumn Fire (1931).

I’m still on my short silent films obsession, and have watched four more since my previous post. Just like before, I’ll post a quick paragraph review for each. I’ve been finding a lot of gems in this binge-watch of a very specific nature. Plus all this talk of shorts is reminding me of this guy, […]

Four Silent Shorts: Lot in Sodom (1933), L’Etoile De Mer (1928), The Life and Death of 9413: A Hollywood Extra (1928), Le Retour à la Raison (1923).

Something a bit different for today. After watching Häxan (1922), my passion for silent film has been rekindled. I’ve been watching a lot of short silent films, so I thought I’d post quick paragraph reviews for four that I’ve most recently watched.

Häxan (1922): “Get thee behind me, Satan!”

Häxan, or, Witchcraft Through the Ages, is a Swedish/Danish silent film from 1922, directed by Benjamin Christensen. The film is structured into seven chapters of “moving pictures” – informing viewers about witchcraft and the occult through history and art, and through a variety of case studies. This is a beautiful silent film that is often […]