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MovieRob’s 007 December Blogathon: Casino Royale (1967)

If you love James Bond as much as I do, you have to head over to MovieRob post haste, where a most excellent blogathon is taking place – the 007 December Blogathon. I wrote this review of Casino Royale (1967) for the blogathon, and there have been lots of great posts on some of the […]

Magic in the Moonlight (2014): Quick-shot review!

A quirky story about a young woman who can see into the beyond, and an older man who sets out to debunk her abilities, Magic in the Moonlight (2014) is Woody Allen’s latest romantic comedy slash drama slash neurotic insight into the ways that complicated people view the world. Really quick write-up for this one. […]

On Location: The iconic Manhattan scene

One of the most iconic scenes from Woody Allen’s classic film Manhattan (1979) is a scene between his character Isaac, and Diane Keaton’s character Mary. After catching up with one another at a fundraising event at the Museum of Modern Art and striking up a conversation, they talk together until sunrise, ending with the iconic […]

Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008): “Life is short. Life is dull. Life is full of pain. And this is a chance for something special.”

Director Woody Allen’s love letter to the beautiful Catalonian capital, Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008) tells the tale of two American tourists enjoying a holiday in the city. They meet a charismatic Spanish artist (Javier Bardem) who approaches them with a scandalous request. Both Vicky (Rebecca Hall) and Cristina (Scarlett Johansson) become enamoured with him, but […]

“Is it worth paying for a ticket?”: Blue Jasmine (2013)

Blue Jasmine (2013), Woody Allen’s most recent film, tells the story of Jasmine French (Cate Blanchett) – a troubled woman whose privileged lifestyle has recently changed drastically. Finding herself destitute and moving in with her sister, Jasmine wants to get back to her old status as soon as possible, with some mishaps along the way.