Frank Herbert’s Dune is one of the most famous and groundbreaking science fiction novels of all time, and has a tumultuous film history. The story is quite complex, with thousands of years of history and lore to communicate, and an expansive story to fit its sweeping, bleak landscape. David Lynch attempted to translate it into […]


It’s November! That means it’s time for another awesomely great blogathon over at the wonderful Cara’s blog Silver Screen Serenade – NOOOOvember. The purpose of this fine blogathon is to celebrate disappointment and purge the feelings of regret and anger that arise after watching a bad film that you had high expectations for. I really […]


A quirky story about a young woman who can see into the beyond, and an older man who sets out to debunk her abilities, Magic in the Moonlight (2014) is Woody Allen’s latest romantic comedy slash drama slash neurotic insight into the ways that complicated people view the world. Really quick write-up for this one. […]


Sometimes the saddest thing about a film is its lost potential. I Origins (2014, dir. Mike Cahill) is a pseudo-science fiction drama film lead by Michael Pitt as Ian Gray, a grad student specialising in the field of molecular biology. Ian has an interesting fascination – ever since he was a kid, he’s loved taking […]


Just a quick (and quite late) favourites post for October, as for about two weeks of it I was on holiday in New York City! If you’d like to see what I got up to over those two weeks, feel free to check out my On Location posts, where I tracked down some awesome film […]


As a result of flying a total of about 52 hours recently, I had a pretty awesome opportunity to take advantage of the huge catalog of films on United Airways’ in-flight entertainment system (this post is not sponsored by United Airways, although in some ways I wish it was so I could go back on […]


We have come to the end of my On Location posts! I’ve scheduled this post so it should be up whilst I’m up in the air flying over the vastness of North America, or I could be over the sea between here and Australia, who knows. In any case, this blog will more or less […]


Coming to America (1988, dir. John Landis) is one of those films that I watched approximately a million times when I was a kid. A silly fairy tale about an African prince who moves to New York to find himself an intelligent and strong-willed wife, it’s probably the one of the least edgy films in […]


The theme for October’s Genre Grandeur over at the excellent MovieRob was biopics, and I chose one of the most non-biographical biopics of all – Ken Russell’s Lisztomania (1975). As always, Genre Grandeur is a super awesome series and I’d definitely suggest checking out the posts at MovieRob. (Thought I’d post this now to provide […]


The Flatiron building is located at 175 5th Avenue in Manhattan, and forms a triangular block with East 22nd St and 23rd St. This is probably one of the most famous buildings, and certainly one of the most photographed, in the world. It is quite stunning to see in real life. It almost looks too […]


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