Lars and the Real Girl (2007): Quick-shot review!

I’m rewatching Lars and the Real Girl (2007) tonight, so I thought I’d reblog this vintage review of mine from early 2014 to celebrate. Lars and the Real Girl is truly a very special film and, now that I think about it, probably one of my favourite performances by the generally flawless Ryan Gosling. What do you think? Creepy, or awesome?


lars and the real girl posterStarring the beautiful Ryan Gosling, before his famous “hey girl” internet meme, Lars and the Real Girl (2007) is a compelling character drama about the titular Lars – a shy, anti-social, but sweet young man who lives in his brother’s garage. Lars has a fairly insular life and barely interacts with his brother and his brother’s wife, despite his physical proximity to them. One day, he goes to work and a colleague is browsing a site that sells RealDolls – fairly realistic looking, life-size female companion dolls. Intrigued, Lars decides to buy one of these dolls. Enter RealDoll Bianca, a half Brazilian, half Danish, beautiful, well-developed woman with an intricate past. Lars and the Real Girl chronicles Lars’ relationship with Bianca, and Bianca’s relationship with everyone.

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  1. Love this one!

    1. Me too! It’s a cracker of a film.

  2. I found it sweet and uplifting. Also I interviewed Emily Mortimer in the summer and she’s really good in this! *shameless name drop*!

    1. Nice one! I’m going to have a look at that interview!

      1. I haven’t written it up yet, but she was really nice and smelled nice too. Did that sound creepy?

        1. Depends on how the rest of the interview went! 😀

  3. I liked this one well enough. Weird to boot, but pretty good!

    1. I love the combination of weird and good! Such a unique film.

  4. I liked this one, it’s been so long since I’ve seen it, I’ll have to give it a watch again.

    1. It’s definitely worth the rewatch!

  5. Awesome & surprisingly not creepy. My favorite Gosling film. And he’s great in it. 🙂

    1. Definitely one of my favourite Goslings as well! He’s pretty versatile. Between this and Drive, I’m not sure which one is my number one favourite.

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