On Location: Zoolander’s gas station


This mass of scaffolding may look like nothing at all, or like some apartment building or hotel in the midst of being built, but it’s much more special than that. In actual fact, this construction site is the place where the famous ‘gas fight’ scene from Zoolander (2001) occurs. If you’ve ever been so joyous in the moment of enjoying an orange mocha frappuccino with friends that you begin to spray one another with gasoline in a playful manner, then you’ll understand the pure happiness and merriment that the above video emanates. Until things end badly.

I only got one photo of this place because it’s a construction site. Apparently it was a vacant lot for a long time, but when it came time for Zoolander to be filmed, an entire fake gas station was built. This place is directly opposite the Ghostbusters fire house, which is on the corner of North Moore St and Varick St in TriBeCa, just in case you want to catch two special film locations in one go.

Photo shot on iPhone 5.

Hint for tomorrow’s location: Keyser Soze gets lawyered up.

One comment

  1. i love that scene. Alexander was perfect in it

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