A Timely Blogathon: Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong (2015)

This next review for A Timely Blogathon, posted over at Movierob, is by Kim of Tranquil Dreams. Kim chose to write about Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong (2015), which sounds like a nice romantic comedy! Check it out!


This post is the next entry in this month’s A Timely Blogathon being run by Anna of Film Grimoire and myself.  This review of Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong (2015) is by Kim of Tranquil Dreams

Check out her site which is filled with recipes, podcasts and movie reviews galore!

Tnx for taking part Kim!

a timely blogathon 1

hong kongRuntime: 78 mins

Director and writer: Emily Ting

Cast: Jamie Chung, Bryan Greenberg, Richard Ng

“An attraction forms when a Chinese American girl visiting Hong Kong for the first time meets an American expat who shows her the way, but timing may not quite be on their side.” – IMDB

Before I start the review, its probably important to mention that there may be a bias on my part. Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong is something that intrigues me. It popped up on Netflix one day and I had heard nothing about it before. Going…

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